The Great Depression

by brian francis

In the darkness I often lay
waiting patiently for the coming day
And while the night goes creeping by
I lay in wait but beneath I cry
I see my life as a challenge met
yet the reflection seems all regret
I wonder what others truly see
when their eyes alight on me

Sunshine brightens our darkened room
and still I lay with a heavy chest
No passion for life from a barren soul
burdens my labored breathing
I remember a time when I think I smiled
but are they true memories or distant dreams
What can one do but persist and continue
dragging the weight dragging and dragging

I’ll try to smile to shine a bit
for fear of revealing I feel like shit
I’ll laugh if it seems the thing to do
emotion like a burka a presented view
outward appearances a social game
unknown rules cloud constrain
What others find it so easy to be
rips at my soul and tortures me.

Copyright © 2020 brian francis

Published by

brian francis

Born and raised in the idyllic environment of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A rural paradise perfect for a roving childhood. Now living in the desert southwest, with a flock of parrots, a pigeon, and Three dogs.

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