To Pay the Price

by Brian Francis

I cry your name when burdens make me weary
When trials fall upon my tired soul
I kneel down, respect, shown in genuflection
My thoughts of you shore up my self-control

You give me strength when I have spent my effort
You inspire me; my soul, to find its breath
So little faith does it take to gain your mercy
Be there my lord to take my hand in death

Such fires burn, life is a great inferno
A firestorm to test our worth
We, of course, chose our trials
Paths we take upon this earth

For some living, addiction weighs the worry
For others, perversion is their downfall
Simple truth — we chose our own fate
The choices we make, the sum of them all

A simple splatter of paint on a canvas
A stain that marks fault, open or hidden
Wounds the soul — it is suicide’s rage
To pay the price when your soul is bidden

Copyright © 2020 Brian Francis

Published by

B. F. O'Connor

Born and raised in the idyllic environment of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A rural paradise perfect for a roving childhood. Now living in the desert southwest, with a flock of parrots, a pigeon, and Three dogs.

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