Watching Clouds

by B.F.O’Connor

I’ve walked this road so many times
I know most every tree
My heart is wary, strength all spent
could someone set me free

The past is gone, as is my joy
my heart is on my sleeve
Missing you tears at my being
as I have learned to grieve

I avoid the sun, so I stay inside
sorting through our memories
My tears still fall like summer rains
The hurt just will not ease

So many things that were not said
with you still at my side
In dreams my heart still tries to mend
the hurt that hides inside

every single night I take our walk
around the west farm lane
I pause at places that remember you
And suffer my own private pain

I watch the clouds from our meadow log
just like we used to do
life has stopped, I’ve been consumed
I want to follow you

Copyright © 2022 B.F.O’Connor

Published by

B. F. O'Connor

Born and raised in the idyllic environment of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A rural paradise perfect for a roving childhood. Now living in the desert southwest, with a flock of parrots, a pigeon, and Three dogs.

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