Where Shadows Reign

By brian francis

There in the distant hidden corners of your soul
Where resides the demons within; howling
Anger rages against strong forged restraints
And beckons release in repentant tones, insincere

That is the place of denial, the great turning away
The hidden place where we bind our contempt
Among the broken scarred remnants of faith
While the beast blasphemes against creation’s reign

The echoes of the past days of content and succor
Days of becoming before the souring festered
Offer only shame and self-loathing to tomorrow
Your discontent nailed to your soul’s windows

Copyright © 2020 brian francis


by brian francis

Could it have been
Something I said
Did or didn’t do
That makes your face contort
Or is there
Some other reason
That you are wearing
Anger like a rouge

Is there still a place
Within you
Where I can make you smile
Or has that husk
Fallen away
Shriveled up
Died of neglect
Like a forgotten flower
On a shelf

Is there still a chance
That we can “be”
The dreamers we once were
Or does that parity
No longer parse
In this newly
Rendition of you

Copyright ©2020 brian francis