The kid

By brian francis

He doesn’t seem to have
much use for me these days
He is working to take care of his kids
He used to come and visit
just to sit and talk
To tell me all about life’s turns
I tried to be a dad who was firm but fair
I tried to do it right by him
I couldn’t be more proud of the man he’s become
But at times I really miss my kid

He still depends on me when he’s low
I’ve seen a world of weight in his eyes
When life insists on tormenting him
I can see my little boy sitting there
Wanting me to tell him how
it can be made all right
As we listen to the words he says
I can see it still coalesce
Watching his determination rise

Yet, I know that he is alright
He’s become the best kind of man
The kind who is responsible
Sincere in his mind
The kind who can be counted on
All of the time
The kind who makes a father proud
With just passing thoughts
But at times I really miss the kid

Copyright ©2020 brian francis

Trip to the Candy Abide

By brian francis

Sleep my child and soon you will see
A place where candy will grow on a tree
The place the unicorn calls its home
And many other strange animals roam
Close your eyes and lay down your head
So the angels can come to guard your bed
And the horse with a horn will give you a ride
To the place they call the candy abide

Close your sleepy eyes and dream, dream, dream
And take a long ride by the soda pop stream
Where licorice trees grow in groves
And the bread is made into teddy bear loaves
The grass is yellow, blue, green, and red
Where only the children are allowed to tread
So close your eyes and be off to sleep
For your ride is waiting and it won’t keep

I remember the place from years gone by
Where marshmallow clouds grow in the sky
And the rivers are lined with chocolate banks
The fences are made of graham cracker planks
But I have grown and can go no more
It now is your turn to go and explore
And find the tin soldiers who march in a row
So be quick and hurry before you too grow

Copyright © 2020 brian francis