That strength within

I have found the peace of our Father’s love
It resides within our reflection of
His love so true it is a gift within
That allows us to be a reflection of Him

I have hoed so many crooked rows
Until I learned what true love was
And now with his guidance within
I can walk assured of avoiding sin

Bent and broken though he was
My father taught that there was love
So pure and true a sacredness
He smiled wide in his faithfulness

He had found the peace of our Father’s love
It resides within our reflection of
His love so true it is a gift within
That allows us to be a reflection of Him

My heart was lost in the tortured sea
When the sins of man washed over me
I fought and strained to gain a hold
The waves assailed me strong and bold

when my heart in fear called out for Him
and I felt that warming so deep within
The strength to walk a tortured sea
Became his gift that set me free

I have found the peace of our Father’s love
It resides within our reflection of
His love so true it is a gift within
That allows us to be a reflection of Him

By brian francis

Sacrifice of Ages

By brian francis

Step by step He walked the path.
Step by step they followed.
Burdened with His love for man,
He fell upon His knees.
Yet, He rose to walk again
accepting condemnation.
He stumbled through the holy streets
upon His back a tree.

Pushed onward by the jeering crowds,
who laughed and mocked His caring.
They led Him to a lonely hill
and pushed Him to the ground.
The strain of His burden
brought tears from His mother,
as with the sound of clashing steel
He screamed in agony.

Not knowing that it was foretold
they put Him through His torture.
The spikes soon turned scarlet red
drenched in sacred blood.
Then raising Him above the crowd
they nailed His feet together,
and taunting Him, they placed a sign
above his head “the King.”

Yet, as He died, He showed them love,
and begged, for them, forgiveness.
In offering this sacrifice
He then became the seed.
And with His death the sky grew dark
and thunder rocked the heavens,
The wind blew hard, the wrath of God
Held back by His mercy.

His body in a sepulcher was laid
The temple now in ruin,
Shrouded in a winding sheet
And guarded night and day.
Alone it laid in darkness,
The world then had no meaning;
Until the time three days had passed
And the tomb was found empty.

The promise of the ages past,
Has finally found fruition.
A savior from the chosen ones
has died to set men free.
The temple now restored and whole
Rebuilt as it was promised,
With room for every loving soul
to find true harmony.

Copyright © 2021 brian francis

Lifting Praise

By brian francis

Here together we sing his praises
Here together our faith renewed
As we worship His great creation
The gift of life a choice imbued

Singing psalms; oh, how we adore him
We lift our hearts in praise and song
Devotion to his truths his teachings
We implore Him keep us from wrong

Call out His creed our sworn devotion
Raise Him up our great Lord and King
Kneeling down we receive His offering
By the gift of faith, our soul’s restored

Offering our love and peace to others
We reflect His true and precious grace
We live our lives to inspire by doing
Hoping that we might take our place

Author’s Note: On a recent visit home my mother dragged me to worship with the Lutherans. I moaned and trudge along. This was the result.

Copyright © 2021 brian francis

True Harmony Redeemed

By brian francis

I ran from Him and hid
among the lost, with proud deceit.
I mocked His name and laughed at those
who’d kneel before His feet.

Until one day I understood
and claimed Him for my own,
and pledged to be a warrior
loyal to his throne.

The words within His teachings
became my sword, both sharp and strong;
yet, in battling evil in the world
it seems that I did wrong.

For the sword was meant to guide me
not to swing with all of my might;
And in using it in battle
of the Truth I had lost sight.

Yet, in the blindness of my rampage
I came upon a man
who had a sword just like mine
cradled in his hand.

When I urged him into the fight
He smiled and asked me “why?”
“You fool for the glory of our God”
was my ignorant reply.

Then motioning for me to sit
He showed me where I’d strayed,
And proved to me how in my hate
My God had been betrayed.

He talked with me ’til I understood
how the teachings were a song,
that would give me strength and guidance
in my heart my whole life long.

And in revealing that the secret
was in singing true to key;
so that others around listening
would want to sing with me.

He then rose up and walked away
singing his song to God.
And I soon up and followed
on the path I knew he’d trod.

There were others on that narrow path
to sing the song with me–
as we made our way back to the throne
singing true harmony . .

Copyright ©2020 brian francis


by brian francis

Though the cloth is worn and faded
And the seams are stretched and torn
While the colors are less than they once were
There are no stains in this old piece of cloth

After years of work and squander
Mucking around in the refuse of life
Through a gift of spirit and wonder
Washed clean in the grace of His light

His heart is the way of salvation
Through love is the promise redeemed
Still torment beguiles with temptation
For acceptance is just but the seed

And this cloth is but a canvas
Whereon the masterpiece of life is beheld
And the stroke of the brush is creation
And the image is that of the self

Copyright ©2020 brian francis