By brian francis

A soldier left for war one day
Tears were flowing as he walked away
The soldier marched with honor and pride
Knowing that God was on his side

And in the field among his friends
He served with valor, true to his code
Whenever a task drove others to balk
Stepping forward he would carry the load

Compassion though uninvited to war
Seemed always near to his heart
Seeing battlefield children’s needs go unmet
With kindness he tried to do his small part

And after serving his tour and more
And bidding goodbye so many times
To flag draped boxes — the refuse of war
He returned at last to the family he loved

As the end of his journey through war neared
The ever present feel of it somehow remained
Deep in his soul lasting scars were seared
Unknown changes forever made….

Copyright ©2020 brian francis


by brian francis

Where once he was a hero
a man above all men
They made a great bronze statue
meant to raise and honor him
a horseman and his waving hat
stood there rearing for all time
reminding us how fate can rule
our lives when honor binds

The dirt that he defended
held his roots deep and firm
the southern threat has ended
and now correctness flows in tide
now those cherished memories
of his response to honor’s call
seem lost to those protesting
as they watch the statue fall

Copyright © 2020 brian francis