By brian francis

Oh his cloths are torn and ragged
And his face is worn and grey
He does not look into your eyes
Instead he turns away

He makes you feel uncomfortable
Just seeing him around
He doesn’t ask for handouts
But he doesn’t turn them down

He once wore ties and leather shoes
And drove a fancy car
He once went home to a child’s arms
And wished upon a star

But everything that comes can go
And everything that lives can die
And every man with happiness
Can soon learn how to cry

He sits there in the summer’s heat
And shivers through the winter’s cold
A shadow of the man he was
Lost deep in despair’s hold

Copyright ©2020 brian francis


By brian francis

If someone would have told me how hard it would be
to wake up every day without you by my side.
Or if I had simply realized, the depth of the pain
The despair I’d endure no matter how I tried

maybe I would have been ready for the loss of that day
and the ensuing masquerade: “I’m alright.”
the pain endured months and years still an open wound
still a veil of tears shed alone in the night

I know their good intentions those who’ve loved us both
I’ve felt the warmth of their love everyday
but nothing could replace you or heal this broken soul
not the tears I shed or the words I pray

Copyright ©2020 brian francis

This Valley of Despair

By  brian francis

With every day I wake at dawn
Remembering that you are gone.
And life by nature must go on,
So my tears wash away the loss of you.

Coffee still warms my soul
Starting out a new day.
The rituals remain unchanged,
Yet, wholly different.
The birds still sing their songs;
Their pitch, too sharp it seems.
And the shadows of the oaks
still creep across the lawn,
but, I do not see them in the same way.
somehow my heart is missing and out of touch.
somehow I am floating in a strange place all alone–
even, while others dart around me concernedly
trying to do their loving part in filling the void.

When at night I sit alone, waiting for bed,
I find myself spending time wondering.
Drifting through memories of you.
Maybe filling the void is how I should think.
Can you fill a black hole?
But then worry of forgetting haunts me.
Your face your smile the sound of your laugh.
I will no longer hear these, I know!
Yet, at times it seems to echo
From the walls that surround me.

I am still missing you with every breath…

Copyright ©2020 brian francis


By brian francis

Your restlessness torments
your angry soul
A nervous feeling
Out of control
Every time
you try to fight
you lose

Her eyes are hard now
They have a steely cold
A tired sadness
Making her look old
Her smile’s faded
From the burden
Of her dues

The time you spend
Chasing happiness
Earning more
With each success
She sits at home
By her self
And lives the blues

When you come home
Stars are shining bright
Your meal is waiting
It waits every night
The table set
For one alone
To use

And in the morning
When the alarm calls out
You’re drawn awake
So you sneak about
The confrontation
And abuse

You fear the day
That you’ll return to find
That she has left
She has changed her mind
No meal waiting
You will sit alone
And muse

That is when
you will finally realize
How much you miss
her lonely sad eyes
and in hindsight
you will learn
to sing the blues

Copyright ©2020 brian francis

Together in Spirit

by brian francis 

Time has passed since you’ve gone
Life just isn’t the same.
I sit alone to watch the dawn,
yet, your memories remain.

The path now seems more uphill,
the pace now slowed to a walk.
Your face, your touch I remember still.
Oh, just to hear you talk.

My time has come to walk alone
Yet, your presence I still feel.
In the memories of life we’ve sown
Our love is still so real.

Copyright ©2020 brian francis