Hail Hyperion’s Son

By brian francis

Morning comes with a glistening beam
Helios peering over darkness’ crest
Color awakens and brightens the eye
Another day has begun

With coffee brewing the senses awake
And the birds take flight from their rest
Nighttime recedes fleeing the hooves
Of Helios and his steeds

Sparrows singing welcome the day
As others join in a chorus of song
Dew dampened grasses, sparkling,
stretch toward the light of his rays

And I, sitting here, in the breaking of day
Embrace the warmth he offers the world
Breathing in that life giving gift
Pleasure giving worship to his might

Copyright ©2020 brian francis

The Eastern Patio

By brian francis

The sun still hidden paints the eastern sky.
Feathers rustle with a waking shake.
The coolness draws a shiver.
Cupping the ceramic mug
warming palms and fingers.

Sleep still beckons, a siren’s song,
whispers taunt a weary gasp.
Sipping and pondering my day
to the trickle of an artificial stream.

Stillness pervades this hour,
quiet thoughts drift through the mind.
Bats seen returning to roost,
dance among the trees of the orchard.
Down to the last drop
of french press brewed Kona.


Just in time to see the first rays
as Helios blesses nature’s beings.
Even the trees turn their leaves
to greet him and his warming touch,
as he bathes the waking world.
A glowing moment.

The chirps and cries of the birds
soon joined by the beeps and chirps
of the electronic devices ever-present.
Texts, emails arrive, the morning gathering.
I hesitate to look and lose this moment
to the coming day’s chores and duties;
but as the neighbor’s cat rounds the corner
the parrots scream a fear-filled warning.

The cat enjoys his affect and strolls
slowly, as he displays his power.
The reveille announcing my day.
Thankfully, the neighbors rarely complain,
but, still I release the hound.
The cat skedaddles and peace returns–
my day’s begun.

Copyright © 2020 brian francis