Queen of Heaven

By brian francis

Asherah, long has your name been bound
Josiah’s rage defiled you, hid you in the dust
Unknown yet still they pray to you for gifts
Your name still hidden your power yet given

Asherah, Mother of all things seen from the heavens
Blesser of woman and the fertile seasons of love
Wife of devotion and protection of Him who is
Mother of creation’s toil, witness to the light

Asherah, Lady of the seas to some, also lost
Progenitor of all that is and too of all that isn’t
Drawn from the memories of stone we find you
On shards your name rings among the highest

Asherah, we when in passions embrace worship you
And strive to be worthy of your gifts for life
Asherah, I call out your name to witness your beauty
To one day hold your gift and honoring you raise it up

Copyright ©2020 brian francis

The World Tree

By brian francis

Hung as a sacrifice the wood held him tightly
His suffering accepted by his own word
spear pierced, his side, it flowed like a river
His life bleeding down into the well of Urd

Denied even water no hand could assist him
suffering alone he stared down into the well
as he sung to the runes tempting their visit
for nine days he suffered his own living hell

nine nights he stared; they deemed him worthy
revealing the magic of all the nine worlds
released he fell downward knowledge his power
raising him up the Valkyries wings unfurled

Copyright ©2020 brian francis

Author’s Note: been asked what the hell i’m writing about. so here it is– The norse god Odin sacrificed himself on the “world Tree” which grows out of the “well of Urd” his sacrifice was made to himself and it’s purpose was to learn the truths of the runes. In the end his actions where enough for him to learn the secrets of the runes thereby gaining the powers of magic over creation. did not mention in the poem that Odin at another time plucked his own eye out to gain wisdom.