Broken Wing

by brian francis

I watch the sun rise, and pass on overhead,
And I see the others flying south again.
I wish that I could go, but I’ll stay here instead,
my broken wing and I fighting against the wind.

Winter is coming; the leaves are turning brown,
the nights are getting cooler, and darkness lingers on.
Low clouds on the horizon are telltale of the storm.
Whispers beckon in the wind coming from the north.

I feel it as it touches me, the cold, cold hands of fate.
I know that I can’t get away, so I’ll lay here and wait.
While on wings far overhead, the others pass me by,
Oh, how I want to join them, but my broken wing can’t fly.

Cold rain falls upon my back; cold wind blows in my face.
Soon the numbness touches me, then soon the light will fade.
Then I will cast away this shell, its broken wing and all,
To start on a new journey, I will fly into the sun…

Copyright ©2020 brian francis

Wailing Works

By brian francis

When the winds howl and rattle
Thunder peeling like a great gong
Penetrates, subsonic waves crashing
The thin streaks of light branching
Race across the sky crackling aloud
Creosote breathes its fragrant smell
Wafting on the wailing winds swirling
Shuddering and shaking the turmoil
Undulates into a mighty crescendo

The deafening sound of the storm
Intensifies as the clouds release
The gentle pitter patter so tentative
At first swells to become natures roar
As the winds drive the waves passing
Cleansing the very air with ozone
That wonderful scent of after storm
Like wafting incense drifting out of
This great temple of the gods

Copyright © 2020 brian francis

An Enclave of Nature

by brian francis

Watching the ducks as they float on the breeze
The reflections like carnival mirror’s – bare trees
The pond surface ripples because of the winds
Until those spectacular landings begin
Veering left or veering right or just settling down
And gliding through the water, swimming around
Ponds in the park the edge of nature’s delights
Filled with people by day and solitary at nights
A small enclave of nature found around those ponds
Like the nest among the edges beneath the fronds
An honor to Gaea a great cathedral if you might
A place to embrace her and her good healing light

Copyright ©2020 brian francis