by brian francis

I found a world spread out naked before me.
I searched for meaning in every glen and dale.
And there I grew, a child of rural splendor,
Amid the rows and fences, both stone and rail.

In the woods I discovered nature’s secrets,
and I explored other secrets there too.
Hidden in the brambles of distant ridges,
the lessons so very many; the days so few.

When time had passed, enough for growing.
When the fence posts, were, no longer so high
I turned away, from all that splendid landscape,
and I looked for answers, hidden in the sky.

Searching took me far from my beginning.
Half a world away I found my place.
The green and rolling hills a distant memory,
seen through the mist of a chemical haze.

In the heat of the desert I discovered glory,
a rapture born of cactus buds,
an electric buzz in fungal fury.
Those college days, drowned in suds.

Along the way god became a theory;
argued hard and long within.
Debating points of syntactic twisting
I found in truth – the greatest sin.

In mountains high above the desert;
islands, cool forests, in the desert heat.
I first heard nature’s gentle calling.
A melodious voice both strong and sweet.

Beneath an oak of ancient lineage,
the songs of times past were found.
A flute and fiddle sang well together.
Tears soon flowed, a precious sound.

Mother earth, and mistress heavens
Appease my heart and sing to me.
A cast light of lunar dimness,
an offering beneath the tree.

Copyright ©2021 brian francis

Verdant Reflections

by brian francis

It’s my favorite time – take a walk in the sunshine
Wet your feet in the ocean’s rolling waves
Sing your favorite song – sing without inhibition
Let the world hear just what you’ve got to say
Find a forest tall — Take a stroll with the timber
See the speckled light as it is reaching down
In a river fresh – clean off that superior feeling
Remember we are part of Gaea’s loving plan
Lay your gifts humbly down beneath the great tree
Cherish the blessings of every breeze
And for the sky above– that life-giving shining
Ra his name for eons or so they say
It’s my favorite time – take a walk in his sunshine
Living as thankfully as I can every day

Copyright © 2021 brian francis

An Enclave of Nature

by brian francis

Watching the ducks as they float on the breeze
The reflections like carnival mirror’s – bare trees
The pond surface ripples because of the winds
Until those spectacular landings begin
Veering left or veering right or just settling down
And gliding through the water, swimming around
Ponds in the park the edge of nature’s delights
Filled with people by day and solitary at nights
A small enclave of nature found around those ponds
Like the nest among the edges beneath the fronds
An honor to Gaea a great cathedral if you might
A place to embrace her and her good healing light

Copyright ©2020 brian francis