Indigo Skies

by Brian Francis

The twilight hour, drawing the night
Dissolving the colors of day
Night flows obscuring the eyes
Daylight yielding, fades away.

Brigades of colors assail the clouds
In waves of deepening hue
The birds set roost among the trees
To sing their soulful tune

As the final reflections of daylight fade
A still quietness settles in
Watched over by the moon and stars
Let the reign of Nyx begin

Copyright ©2023 B. F. O’Connor

Arbiter of Dreams

by  brian francis

When shadows reach and gather strength
And Nyx rises to claim her right to rule
Even Zeus concedes in all his might;

Only Selene dares to rise against –
Her gaze in shades of blue cast from above
Moderating that absolute power of gloom
Bathing the world, washing away the darkness
During sleeps restless battles in the night

Copyright © 2021 brian francis


By brian francis

When the stars advance to take the sky
Pushing mightily the sun into the ground
Shadows come alive and rise in the night
To haunt those weary in body and mind
To challenge the sanity of thoughtfulness
Realized between the sounds and illusions
Of perception’s innuendo implied

The blaze of clouds falls into the purple hues
Shimmering reflections, frights awakening
Whispering into thoughts; unrealized they worry
Like shadows unseen in the darkness
Dancing joyfully, worshiping Nyx or Apep
Shrouding the world in their embrace
Of darkness hiding; the shadow opposing light.

Copyright © 2021 brian francis