Sacrifice of Ages

By brian francis

Step by step He walked the path.
Step by step they followed.
Burdened with His love for man,
He fell upon His knees.
Yet, He rose to walk again
accepting condemnation.
He stumbled through the holy streets
upon His back a tree.

Pushed onward by the jeering crowds,
who laughed and mocked His caring.
They led Him to a lonely hill
and pushed Him to the ground.
The strain of His burden
brought tears from His mother,
as with the sound of clashing steel
He screamed in agony.

Not knowing that it was foretold
they put Him through His torture.
The spikes soon turned scarlet red
drenched in sacred blood.
Then raising Him above the crowd
they nailed His feet together,
and taunting Him, they placed a sign
above his head “the King.”

Yet, as He died, He showed them love,
and begged, for them, forgiveness.
In offering this sacrifice
He then became the seed.
And with His death the sky grew dark
and thunder rocked the heavens,
The wind blew hard, the wrath of God
Held back by His mercy.

His body in a sepulcher was laid
The temple now in ruin,
Shrouded in a winding sheet
And guarded night and day.
Alone it laid in darkness,
The world then had no meaning;
Until the time three days had passed
And the tomb was found empty.

The promise of the ages past,
Has finally found fruition.
A savior from the chosen ones
has died to set men free.
The temple now restored and whole
Rebuilt as it was promised,
With room for every loving soul
to find true harmony.

Copyright © 2021 brian francis


by brian francis

Sunshine falling down on me
Inspires me as I embrace life
Hear me singing to it’s glory
The warmth is gifted us
Revel in the light –
make a joyous noise
you can dance and sing
or just spread your wings
to embrace the light
Sunshine falling down on us

Copyright ©2019 brian francis


By brian francis

What is it you just said
it makes no sense to me?
It sounds
as though there should
be meaning,
but the words
seem to fight for attention
rather than work together
to convey your intent.

What did you mean
with this complex construction?
It leaves me lost
as though in a fog;
a morphemic haze,
at some unknown idea
which is deftly avoiding me.
Did you toss your words upon a page
and shuffle them about
Or are you missing the point of language—
the expression of idea…

Copyright © 2021 brian francis

Conestoga Memories

by brian francis

Muddy watered river flows,
gently drifting its winding path.
Farms and orchards dip in their toes,
bounded by a margin of grass.

To cast my line into its depths,
watch the ripples grow in size.
Water bugs racing to and fro,
speckled sun – a water color sky.

No need for fish to break the spell
just draw it in and cast again.
Breathe in deep that fresh green smell,
a quiver, a strike; the long pole bends

The battle is on – though fierce it’s brief,
a run a pull and reel it on in.
Released back into the river – set free;
prepare the hook, cast it again.

Corn fields shimmer with a gentle breeze
birds sing songs as old as the wind,
the lane nearby long and straight.
Just draw it in and cast again.

When waking from this long suffered dream.
being the old man that I never foresaw,
I am grateful for those days in the sun
where as a child I grew both strong and tall.

Copyright © 2021 brian francis

To Take the Knee

by brian francis

A man laid out on hot tarmacadam
Bound and tied cursed and blamed
Held down, a weight upon his neck
his pleading cries to beg for breath

“The man” his knee of domination
Symbolic of a nation’s shame
Unchanging truths, hidden privilege
A cast below that just goes un-named

People rant, and rage, in their clusters
Gather to watch the moment unfold
Silenced twitching life fading ebbing
One more negro dead on the ground

The tide of anger tears and frustration
Seeing unity, form of a disparate crowd
To march as taught by long lost heroes
To rise and gather to force some change

Ignorance held, the highest pulpit
Counter logic and thoughts untamed
Power claimed to end the struggle
Rebutted in the people’s name

Now is the time to drive out the demons
Those people who just refuse to accept
Equality as the rule of our nation
Needs to finally be the law of the lands

Copyright 2021 brian francis

Dance of Life

by brian francis

A time for fever in the early spring
traveling the world alone,
watching with eyes matured by age
ready the world to disown.

Eating, while sipping the drink of life
no fire does burn within.
The fuel consumed while young at heart
unable to muster again.

I’ll walk on farther through forest and field
Unwilling to ponder the land,
As I walk by monuments to nature’s glory
Yet, trying to understand.

Where the knowledge hides, remains my goal
The answers are hidden from sight.
Searching for answers to questions I’ve asked
I travel on through my blight.

As daylight dwindles and evening arrives
My strength expires at last,
Yet, I fear to sleep, my strength to regain
Knowing I’ll dream of the past.

While waiting for morning with moon and star
Still searching for answers about.
The lonely pain I feel inside
The pain of living without.

Then as the sun peers over the horizon afar
a beam glistens my eye;
morning has come, the journey goes on,
I begin my day with a sigh.

Copyright © 2021 brian francis

For the Seven of the 51L

by  brian francis

A fiery explosion over Florida
made seven into heroes today.
They carried the hopes, the dreams of all;
fire could not take that away.

The seven are heroes of America.
The seven are a tribute to life.
They were striving so high to better the world;
to rid it of some of it’s strife.

The fiery explosion over Florida
was seen by the world today.
We knew it could happen the risks were great,
it was thought we could avoid it some way.

Others will follow that smoky trail,
maybe others who will give their life.
But that’s how it is in America
We strive after goals we aim high.

Copyright © 2021 brian francis

Creation’s Dance

By brian francis

In the morning’s early moments
When the sun begins to rise
Shadows start to coalesce
Beneath the purple skies
Birds begin their songs of love
A chorus as old as time
Breezes sway the mighty trees
As a poet seeks out rhyme

Words dance upon the tongue
In a graceful metered churn
Reflections of life’s embrace
the soul’s smoldering burn
wisps of life’s experiences
gleam within his eyes
as words are cast upon the page
in jumbled mixed up lines

The rhythm of these moments
Drift in eddied swirls
Like shifting sands creation brings
A string of precious pearls
Verses made with care and love
comedic or wise and sage
waiting there in black and white
For the turning of the page
Copyright ©2020 brian francis

The Raging Tide

By brian francis

I walked away from home so early
Set out across the nation wide
I found in sorrow life’s true measure
With just a thumb I hitched a ride
City parks with tramps and strangers
A welcome to a fire’s side
Lurking eyes just beyond the shadows
Swept away in realities tide

I met a welfare lady dancing
Around a bush to praise the sky
Her six kids had almost nothing
Yet bathed in love they smiled wide
She said she saw that I was hungry
And took me to her family’s home
She fed me love by the spoonful
It was like an amusement ride
The ganja gods their mist seductive
Lured me to a twist of fate
a monkey appeared on my shoulders
and always stayed right by my side
Illusions cast a strange new vision
A supple state of unawareness
Neon flowers and melting faces
A psilocybin and acid tide

The monkey used his hands as blinders
So lost became a natural state
Family was little more than a memory
yet hidden deep were seed of strength
I met a man who promised pleasure
And money too it seemed a deal
Piercing my soul to bind my spirit
He carefully spread my defenses wide
Soon it seems my senses found me
And struggled hard to clear the fog
storms wreaked havoc and confusion
and when it cleared I still was lost
the man he said to seek redemption
to call on him when I was through
the monkey said he’d make it better
his claws dug in to stay and ride
Fears and frights soon came upon me
And secrets tore my soul to shreds
Yet I held tightly to the pieces
yearning for some daily bread
Staring out from behind the curtains
Paranoia held me in his arms
Assuring me that they were coming
And ever staying by my side
Somewhere inside a seed had sprouted
And for a moment the skies grew clear
A ray of love some how had found me
To warm my soul my mother’s touch
Strength grew fast in fertile soil
My will somehow had found its voice
reaching out I grasped for security
resisting hard the under tide

I pleaded for some help from Jesus
And demons came in robes for me
Openly they praised the glory
On the altar robes held open wide
Yet in the darkness of their secrets
They stole the very best from me
Without esteem and bound but anger
I vowed to let the monkey ride
I turned away from God and heaven
And danced among the living dead
Waiting for some insightful moment
And dying slowly no heart inside
Then came a voice that brought back anger
And a hand reached out from in the fog
It grabbed and grabbed ‘til it caught me
And pulled me from the relentless tide

There on the beach I found redemption
My eyes were finally open wide
The monkey left and found another
Because he always likes to ride
The storms were raging all around me
Yet my mind was clear on every side
I walked the beach and picked up morsels
Left behind by the raging tide

Copyright ©2021 brian francis

Lifting Praise

By brian francis

Here together we sing his praises
Here together our faith renewed
As we worship His great creation
The gift of life a choice imbued

Singing psalms; oh, how we adore him
We lift our hearts in praise and song
Devotion to his truths his teachings
We implore Him keep us from wrong

Call out His creed our sworn devotion
Raise Him up our great Lord and King
Kneeling down we receive His offering
By the gift of faith, our soul’s restored

Offering our love and peace to others
We reflect His true and precious grace
We live our lives to inspire by doing
Hoping that we might take our place

Author’s Note: On a recent visit home my mother dragged me to worship with the Lutherans. I moaned and trudge along. This was the result.

Copyright © 2021 brian francis