By brian francis

Your restlessness torments
your angry soul
A nervous feeling
Out of control
Every time
you try to fight
you lose

Her eyes are hard now
They have a steely cold
A tired sadness
Making her look old
Her smile’s faded
From the burden
Of her dues

The time you spend
Chasing happiness
Earning more
With each success
She sits at home
By her self
And lives the blues

When you come home
Stars are shining bright
Your meal is waiting
It waits every night
The table set
For one alone
To use

And in the morning
When the alarm calls out
You’re drawn awake
So you sneak about
The confrontation
And abuse

You fear the day
That you’ll return to find
That she has left
She has changed her mind
No meal waiting
You will sit alone
And muse

That is when
you will finally realize
How much you miss
her lonely sad eyes
and in hindsight
you will learn
to sing the blues

Copyright ©2021 brian francis


By brian francis

When I woke up this morning
I saw rainclouds on the horizon
A truly dreary dawning
I even tried to close my eyes again

the smell of coffee brewing
Drew me from the bed
I stumbled over the clothes we’d strewn there
And laughed at the curses I’d said

Cause everything’s alright
It’s only storming outside
Is it just the roaring thunder
That makes me tremble inside

Here we have peace and quite
To watch each other’s eyes
To wonder with anticipation
Through all the truths and lies

A foray into memories
All clouded by their distance in time
Perceptions individual as fingerprints
Causing storm clouds to rise

Is everything alright
Is it only storming outside
Is it really the roaring thunder
That’s making me twist up inside

The winds of resentment blew
Carrying your words to my ears
A gust of petty jealousy threw,
to the side, All of my fears

And then as anger raged
I felt passion subside
And all of those crazy desires
Were blown up into the skies

Now everything is alright
The storm has broken
And I can see the light
at the door- one last kiss goodbye

Copyright ©2021 brian francis


by brian francis

Could it have been
Something I said
Did or didn’t do
That makes your face contort
Or is there
Some other reason
That you are wearing
Anger like a rouge

Is there still a place
Within you
Where I can make you smile
Or has that husk
Fallen away
Shriveled up
Died of neglect
Like a forgotten flower
On a shelf

Is there still a chance
That we can “be”
The dreamers we once were
Or does that parity
No longer parse
In this newly
Rendition of you

Copyright ©2020 brian francis