True Harmony Redeemed

By brian francis

I ran from Him and hid
among the lost, with proud deceit.
I mocked His name and laughed at those
who’d kneel before His feet.

Until one day I understood
and claimed Him for my own,
and pledged to be a warrior
loyal to his throne.

The words within His teachings
became my sword, both sharp and strong;
yet, in battling evil in the world
it seems that I did wrong.

For the sword was meant to guide me
not to swing with all of my might;
And in using it in battle
of the Truth I had lost sight.

Yet, in the blindness of my rampage
I came upon a man
who had a sword just like mine
cradled in his hand.

When I urged him into the fight
He smiled and asked me “why?”
“You fool for the glory of our God”
was my ignorant reply.

Then motioning for me to sit
He showed me where I’d strayed,
And proved to me how in my hate
My God had been betrayed.

He talked with me ’til I understood
how the teachings were a song,
that would give me strength and guidance
in my heart my whole life long.

And in revealing that the secret
was in singing true to key;
so that others around listening
would want to sing with me.

He then rose up and walked away
singing his song to God.
And I soon up and followed
on the path I knew he’d trod.

There were others on that narrow path
to sing the song with me–
as we made our way back to the throne
singing true harmony . .

Copyright ©2020 brian francis

To Pay the Price

by Brian Francis

I cry your name when burdens make me weary
When trials fall upon my tired soul
I kneel down, respect, shown in genuflection
My thoughts of you shore up my self-control

You give me strength when I have spent my effort
You inspire me; my soul, to find its breath
So little faith does it take to gain your mercy
Be there my lord to take my hand in death

Such fires burn, life is a great inferno
A firestorm to test our worth
We, of course, chose our trials
Paths we take upon this earth

For some living, addiction weighs the worry
For others, perversion is their downfall
Simple truth — we chose our own fate
The choices we make, the sum of them all

A simple splatter of paint on a canvas
A stain that marks fault, open or hidden
Wounds the soul — it is suicide’s rage
To pay the price when your soul is bidden

Copyright © 2020 Brian Francis


By brian francis

Errors made in acts and words
Burden the soul, worry the mind
Efforts suffered in younger days
Often Ill-considered and unkind

Selfishness is that cancer within
Tainting your thoughts with greed
Making your garden once bright
Overgrown with that thorny weed

Late in life those memories persist
when we had the chance to be kind
instead we chose the cardinal path
a moment of joy; torture resigned

Yet imagine a soul so perfectly clean
An indemnifier of all one might do
A virtuous redeemer with Midas’ touch
A creation of mind to cleanse you

Copyright © 2020 brian francis


by brian francis

Though the cloth is worn and faded
And the seams are stretched and torn
While the colors are less than they once were
There are no stains in this old piece of cloth

After years of work and squander
Mucking around in the refuse of life
Through a gift of spirit and wonder
Washed clean in the grace of His light

His heart is the way of salvation
Through love is the promise redeemed
Still torment beguiles with temptation
For acceptance is just but the seed

And this cloth is but a canvas
Whereon the masterpiece of life is beheld
And the stroke of the brush is creation
And the image is that of the self

Copyright ©2020 brian francis